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I’ve lived in many different places, and I know that Hawaii is truly home to me. Wanna know why? It’s the sunshine. ⁠☀️⁠ Waikoloa sunset is by far our favorite combination for photography on the Big Island.⁠ And the reason why isn’t that big of a secret. Consistently sunny weather! Did you know the Kohala coast averages about 10″ of rain a year? A YEAR.⁠ In fact, it rains so infrequently, and the weather is so consistently sunny that we never use or open our weather apps anymore since moving here nearly 7 years ago. It’s a no-brainer choice for beach family photos in Hawaii!

Why Beach family photos?

Beaches are such a fun spot for family photos. Especially if you don’t live near a beach, why not do something a little different to remember your time in Hawaii? We have a list of Big Island and Maui beaches that are perfect for family photos. We list out which spots are best for little kids, stroller friendly, have bathrooms, etc. Not a single detail is missed! Why? Because your entire experience with us should be stress-free? Getting beach family photos should be a joy, not a chore.

What if my kids don’t behave?

Sometimes we hear concerns from parents like “my kids probably won’t behave” or “my kid has trouble focusing, more so than other kids”. I want to truly reassure you that we LOVE working with kids and never expect kids to stand perfectly still and smile at the camera for their session. In fact, most often, we find ourselves playing fun games in order to work kids into “the shot”. We understand that it has to *feel* like fun for kids to have fun.

So if you’re looking through these galleries thinking, “but my kids won’t smile like that,” – I hear you and see your concerns. We don’t have a one size fits all approach to sessions. I teach all of my photographers to take a few minutes to talk and connect to kids before shooting. And to ensure the photo shoot is fun from start to finish. That means if something isn’t working, we move on until we find something that works for YOUR kid!

Want to book your own Hawaii family photos? Now is a perfect time! Drop us a message and let’s get you on the calendar!



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