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There is nothing quite like a Maui beach. The sand is always remarkably soft, glowing in the sun, the palm trees, and the warm ocean water. Maui just always hits the spot. And if you are looking for a Maui photographer to capture your tropical vacation, our team of talented Maui locals is experienced and ready to work with you.

Local Maui Photographers

An easy way to directly support the Maui economy is by working with local Hawaii residents, and whenever possible, native Hawaiians. I myself was born and raised in Hawaii. I have built my Wilde Sparrow Photography team with local photographers who specialize in portrait photography and have years of experience under their belt. This is one talented crew! Though they are talented on their own, each associate goes through extensive training with me (Aislinn!) in my style and approach to sessions. The goal is to provide all my clients with the same stress-free, super fun experience at their photo sessions. Consistency and excellence are always the goals.

So if you want to learn a bit about my associate team then head over to the About page! Most importantly, there are two incredibly talented Maui-based photographers on my team so you and your family will be in great hands with either one of them!

Best Time for a Maui Photo Session

Sunrise photo sessions on Maui are always recommended! Because Maui can be crowded all year round, it’s near impossible to find an empty Maui beach at sunset. But at sunrise, the Maui beaches are practically empty. That’s why our team of Maui sunrise photographers has our early-morning alarms set just for you!

And if early mornings aren’t your thing – don’t worry. We know a few spots that tend to be less crowded. Can we promise an empty beach? Nah, not in Hawaii. In Hawaii, all beaches are public by law so there’s no such thing as a private beach. But our Maui photographer team is experienced enough to help guide you to find the perfect beach location, sunset, or sunrise.

How to book a Maui Photographer

Are you interested in booking a session?  Our Big Island and Maui team book up very fast, so please reach out at least 1 month before your session date here, and we’ll get back to you within 24-hours!



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