Hawaii family photographers – Big Island Sunset

If you want to know if we pinch ourselves often that our job is to hang out on the beach and photograph happy families on vacation – the answer is yes, yes, we do. Because being Hawaii family photographers is not a job I ever dreamed of, but it’s the one I landed on. And it has been an amazing and fun ride. It’s something I hope to keep doing year after year.

Trust your Hawaii Family Photographers

Over the years, my team and I have honed in on the best locations and times to shoot. We love sunrise or sunset because the light is most flattering. Another reason we don’t shoot outside of those windows is that the beaches in Hawaii get downright HOT. The tolerance that a toddler has to be in the hot, direct sunlight for an hour is next to zero. And we don’t want crabby toddlers (or parents!) at sessions. That doesn’t make for great photos. So this is a friendly PSA that if you work with a photographer who makes a recommendation on a location and advises not using it at certain times of the day, please heed that recommendation. We only want to shoot in beautiful light because we want gorgeous photos for YOU as much as you do!

I’m so happy to share this light and bright, sunshine-filled session from the Four Seasons Hualalai Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. This session took place at sunset – specifically starting 45 minutes before sunset time in order to get that golden glow.


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