Waikoloa Sunset Family Photo Session – Big Island, Hawaii

Waikoloa sunset is by far our favorite combination for photography on the Big Island.⁠ And the reason why isn’t that big of a secret. Consistently sunny weather! Did you know the Kohala coast averages about 10″ of rain a year? A YEAR.⁠ In fact, it rains so infrequently and the weather is so consistently sunny that we never use or open our weather apps anymore since moving here nearly 7 years ago.

Why Choose Waikoloa Sunset for your Big Island Photos?

That means that we’ve got an extremely good chance of clear skies for a Waikoloa sunset. So yes, the weather forecast you’re looking at might say rain. But if you live in Hawaii, you know – you can’t put much stock into weather apps. It is probably raining somewhere, but that doesn’t mean that it is raining *everywhere* on the island. Not even close!⁠

In Hilo, it rains all the time. Not every day depending on the time. of year, but I have had my share of rescheduled for Hilo sessions enough times to not want to take a chance on the weather there. And in Kona, there can be the threat of rain throughout the day that is real enough to warrant moving sessions to the Waikoloa area. So finally after years of moving locations at the last minute to Waikoloa because of rain, I decided that the beaches in Waikoloa were beautiful enough for me to exclusively stick to the Waikoloa area for all Big Island photo sessions!

This doesn’t mean we aren’t completely open to Kona and Hilo locations! It just means that if you want to not worry at all about the weather and want sunny skies, Waikoloa is going to be your best choice. Who wants to deal with the stress of the weather anyway? Not us!

⁠So what’s your favorite spot on the Big Island to watch the sunset? ⁠You already know what we’d vote for!

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