Waikoloa Sunrise Vacation Photography

Sometimes clients request a private beach for their photo session. If you don’t know – there are no private beaches in Hawaii so we can’t guarantee a totally empty beach. But after a few years of doing this, we know that if you’re looking for a more secluded beach feel? Book yourself a sunrise vacation photography session in Hawaii.

Why sunrise vacation photography?

The real win here is the lack of crowds. This is great if your children are easily distracted by other people, sounds, or general distractions. If you think your little one will be better engaged without those distractions, sunrise is an easy choice. There are also certain locations that are only available at sunrise due to the insane crowds at sunset. After many years of doing this, there are certain beaches that we just flat-out avoid at sunset due to challenges with crowds. And finally, the time change can work in your favor here! Book a sunrise during the first day or two of your vacation since everyone will be up early anyway.

Challenges of sunrise vacation photography

I’ll be very honest with you here because I don’t see many other photographers discussing this. The hardest part about a sunrise session is that the very best light happens during the first 30 minutes of the session. Great, right? Well – that means that I need to capture as MANY photos as I can during the first half-hour of a potentially 60 or 90-minute session. So in a very short amount of time, my job will be to get everyone happy, laughing and fully trusting of me while also working my booty off to capture as much of that delicious morning light as possible.

The wildcard here of course is kids. Sometimes it takes kids more than 30 minutes to really warm up to me. That could mean that kids may not really open up until the time the good light is gone and we’re now working with harsher, brighter sunlight.

I don’t mean this to scare you because I do this all the time. So I am fully aware of the challenges. But I do believe in educating my clients always and communicating potential challenges to them way ahead of time so that we are all always on the same page. And if you book a sunrise session but your kid doesn’t really warm up to me until the end? That’s okay! I promise you will still absolutely love your beach family photos.


Interested in booking a Hawaii Vacation photo session for your family vacation or to celebrate a special milestone? I would be so honored to work with you all to capture your family visit to Hawaii with a stunning sunrise or sunset photo session on one of the beautiful beaches on the Big Island, Oahu or Maui. I’d love to capture memories you’ll cherish forever!




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