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In case you haven’t had a chance to read our previous Maui blog posts – sunrise photo sessions on Maui are always recommended! Maui at sunrise is still the best time for your family session. Because Maui can be crowded all year round, it’s near impossible to find an empty Maui beach at sunset. But at sunrise, at sunrise, the Maui beaches are practically empty. And if your trip is planned around the summer months or the winter holidays? Forget it! Nobody wants to rub elbows with 5+ other photo sessions at a beach. That’s why our team of Maui sunrise photographers has our early-morning alarms set just for you!

Tips for photo sessions with teens

I honestly love working with teenagers. I have found that teenagers just want to be spoken to like adults. Teens want to know the plan and be clued to what is expected of them. They also want to know when they can get back to their cell phones! I’m serious. So how do I approach photographing teenagers? First – I let them know that this photoshoot is really important to their parents and that we only need X minutes of their cheerful cooperation. I also let them know that the photoshoot will go faster than they realize if they allow themselves to have some fun. I am honest that I won’t need them for every single photo – that there will be photos of just them or of them with their siblings.

Maybe this sounds like information overload but I really do believe it’s important for them to know the plan and that teens aren’t spoken to like they are little kids. That’s a quick way for them to be upset with you!

Booking your Maui Sunrise Photographers

Are you planning a trip to Maui this year or next? Our team would LOVE to work with you to capture your visit! We can’t wait to see meet you for your Maui family photos! Book your session here:



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