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I know what it’s like to pick up a camera and fall crazy in love with your craft only to realize --wait a sec!-- you also have to be a CEO. 

And figure out how to do all the things (marketing, client management, taxes, invoices, and on and on) which is a little, umm… overwhelming. 

And the thought of marketing yourself? Feels so awkward.
I feel you. And I’ve been there before!

You’re creative. An artist. You’re not a “business” person.

let me guess

Now that I’m on the other side I want to share e-x-a-c-t-l-y what I’ve learned to run a profitable family photography business (without crazy 10-hour days!). 

My mentorship will help you authentically and sustainably grow your business with tried and true strategies that actually work.

Then you’re in the right place. And you’re not alone, friend.

What if I told you we could step you into that boss role and make your marketing effortless – while still being true to the heart and soul of your business? 

If you’re:
✓ Feeling stuck
✓ Teetering on the edge of burnout
✓ Lusting after other photographer’s work on Insta and wondering “how do they do that?!”
✓ Not sure how to get your business to that next level
✓ Frustrated at the lack of family photography-focused education out there (seriously, why is everything about weddings?!)

But now you want to grow.

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Hey there, Family Photographer

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So. How can I support you?

✓ Make your website sing for your dream clients who’ll pay what you’re worth
✓ Serve your clients better (which means more referrals and revenue!)
✓ Create systems and workflows to give you hours back into your life
✓ Have a solid session flow/plan so you can feel ridiculously confident at every shoot

Together, I can show you how to:

What if you take on the year feeling confident in the direction you want to take your business?

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*Option to add extra time / extra sessions for $225 per hour

Investment: $397

→ Virtual
→ 60 minutes

the deets

Dying to “pick the brain” of a seasoned professional and in need of a supercharged, no-fluff power-hour. We'll identify roadblocks, how to move past them and you'll walk away with personalized answers to any and all of your questions including but not limited to:
   ✓ Editing
   ✓ Client experience
   ✓ Finding your niche
   ✓ Posing and session flows

...nothing is off the table!

Perfect for you if you’re:

The Coffee Date Clarity Call

Doors are open to my signature Effortless Family Posing Course. Learn the step-by-step posing flow to get you 100% fluster-proof at sessions while unleashing your creativity and getting you insanely happy clients.

The Effortless Family Posing Course

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10 learning modules

lifetime access

learn at your own pace

3 behind the scenes videos

online course

Enrollment is Open!

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Investment: $895 or
two payments of $495

✓ Virtual
✓ (1) 2-hour call
✓ Deep dive review of your current website (or website redesign in progress)
✓ We'll review your current SEO + action steps to help you get found on the internet
✓ Discuss general design and flow of the website
✓ Includes my initial review where I spend 3+ hours really digging into your website and will have a list of feedback before we even meet
✓ Complete SEO guide ($300 value!)

the deets

Let me guess: you want to take beautiful photos, not have to be a DIY web designer too, right?

I think it’s crazy how when you become a photographer no one tells you you also need to be an overnight expert at building a website, too. 

Wouldn't it be great to get a second pair of (expert UX designer) eyes on your website? I’m here for you, friend! 

I’ll take my years of experience as a UX Art Director at a Fortune-500 company and use it to work magic on your website. 

Perfect for you if you:
→ Cringe when you send people to your website
→ Wish more people could find your website to begin with
→ Want expert help on your website but don’t have the budget to outsource a designer

The Website Audit

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the deets

Investment: $2695 or
4 payments of $725

→ Virtual
→ 8 weeks
→ Private 1:1 coaching
→ (4) 60-90 minute calls spread over 8 weeks together 
→ Weekly homework + accountability check-ins
→ Access to me via Marco Polo 4 days a week
→ Goal setting at our last session so you have true clarity on your next steps and direction of your business

This is a personalized program where you are the only student. It's focused on what you want to learn and you'll get completely personalized guidance from a seasoned professional. Perfect for you if you're ready to streamline your business and work less hours (without sacrificing revenue!)

1:1 Private Coaching

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Let’s build the photography business of your dreams.

You don’t have to go it alone.

Hey, boss (yes, that’s you!)