Golden Maui Family Photo Session

Despite the typical wind, Maui at sunset really is something to behold. The ocean, the golden sun, the pure joy of getting to be on a beautiful beach. It’s all pretty dang perfect. I don’t feel I even really need to convince anyone that sunset is the right choice for your Maui Family Photo Session. But in case you’re on the fence, here are just a few things we love about Maui at Sunset.

That Glorious Golden Light

Except for super cloud evenings, the warm golden light around sunset on Maui is unbelievable. The ideal “golden hour” starts around 90 minutes before sunset. Even then, it can be a bit hot, but it’s well worth it. Personally, the most magical light to me comes in that tiny window 15 minutes before the sun goes down. In Hawaii, at least, that is our FAVORITE time to shoot. The light is unbelievably flattering and gorgeous. How many times can I say gorgeous in this blog post?! Please don’t count!

Windy Hair, Don’t Care

Personally, I love the wind. And that’s because I’ve done my fair share of HOT beach evenings with no wind. Great for hair, terrible for sweat. Turns out we need those ocean breezes to keep from melting. So the trade-off for no beads of sweat dropping down faces and shirts with sweat stains is a bit of wind.

The good news? The wind breathes incredible movement and life into your photos. Instead of a stiff (but pretty) family photo of everyone smiling at the camera, every hair in place, you can have a photo of everyone laughing as the wind moves their hair, hands holding hair back, moms giggling as they see their daughters twirling with their dresses in the wind. Your pictures come to life in the wind!

Space to Explore

If you pick the right beach, you might be surprised to find that frequently the beaches clear out a bit as the sun goes down. I believe everyone is returning to their hotels or rental homes to shower, rest, and get ready for dinner. The result? The beach at noon is much more crowded than the beach 10 minutes before sunset. Leaving you and your family with space to run, explore and MOVE during your Maui family photo session.

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ps. Hakus (flower crowns) for this gorgeous session were done by the extremely talented:



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