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Sometimes the weather on Maui can be unpredictable. As sure as you can rely on sunny afternoons and quiet mornings, you can also bet the bank that a passing rain shower will come through as it gets closer to sunset. Maui keeps you on your toes that way! This is also why you should delete those weather apps for your Hawaii vacation. It may forecast rain because it is probably raining somewhere on the island. Welcome to tropical weather patterns! But it’s easy enough to hop in your car and find another part of the island to adventure to. When I was a kid, we’d call this chasing the sunshine. And my team of Maui Hawaii Photographers is pretty dang good at chasing the sunshine.

Locations for your Maui Photo Session

Our team specializes in Wailea, Lahaina, and Kihei Maui photo sessions. Why? Because this is where the most beautiful beaches on Maui are located and where our team is most comfortable shooting. I promise you; you want your photographer to be familiar and comfortable with the beach you’ll be having your photo session on. By choosing a beach your Maui photographer has worked at hundreds of times before, you can easily ensure they are familiar with the beach conditions and best spots to find the best light and backdrop for your photos.

Additionally, we are limited to beach locations where we can get a commercial photography permit. While anyone with a camera can take photos on any beach, the second it turns into a business transaction (money is exchanged or the images will be used to promote a business), it is now a commercial photo shoot. The state of Hawaii requires a photo permit. But don’t worry – that’s just another thing we take care of for you! We acquire all necessary permits and insurance for every single photo session.

Ready to book Maui Hawaii Photographers?

Interested in booking Maui Hawaii Photographers for your family vacation or to celebrate a special milestone? My team would be so honored to work with you to capture your family vacation with a stunning sunrise or sunset photo session on one of the beautiful beaches. I’d love to capture memories you’ll cherish forever! Book Your Maui Hawaii Photographers Today


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