Tips for choosing the best Hawaii Photo Session location for your family

For years I have worked to help clients understand the importance of selecting the perfect Hawaii Photo Session location for their families. Every family and the needs of your family is different. Some locations are better for young kids. Some (usually rockier) spots aren’t ideal for littles and are better suited for an older group or couple and maternity sessions.

But there is so much more than selecting a photo session spot in Hawaii. I’ve broken down a few major considerations for you:

Be mindful of the busyness of a Hawaii Photo Session location

Crowds of people nearby can be distracting for both children and parents alike. For parents, the idea of anyone watching your photo session is horrifying. For kids, staying focused is hard if people or sounds are nearby, preventing them from staying in the moment with their families.

So what should you do? Ask us about locations that are typically uncrowded. Or consider a time of day when you know fewer people tend to be around. Noon at a beach in Hawaii for photos? Absolutely not, for so many reasons. We love sunrise sessions in Hawaii for this reason. It’s not too hard to find an empty beach at 6 am!

Consider the elements

The more space a family has to move around comfortably, the more likely they can relax. I love beach locations that aren’t too rocky for this exact reason. Kids have a tough time walking on rocky shorelines, and parents get nervous that their kids will be hurt. Safety concerns are very real, so these things immediately put everyone on alert and prevent them from genuinely relaxing, which is a barrier to capturing truly joyful moments.

As your Hawaii photo session location experts, we’re here to help remove these concerns and better set your sessions up for success by choosing a location where everyone can safely move around without worry! We even have locations that are wheelchair, walker, and stroller accessible. Just let us know what your needs are!

A meaningful place for your family

It’s a good idea to consider if there is a local spot that is meaningful to your family. A meaningful location that everyone is familiar with immediately puts a family at ease. It takes everyone a longer to relax whenever you are in a new place. Some great ideas are a favorite beach or a familiar rental house..Bonus! Selecting a location that you and your family already have fond memories of will only add to the magic of your shoot.

Are you planning a Hawaii family photography session of your own? Say hello ASAP so we can tell your family’s story, too! 


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