The Creative Entrepreneur’s Guide to SEO




As a creative business owner, having a web presence matters more than ever.

Maybe you have a great following on Instagram and a ton of engagement on Facebook, but you don’t own those platforms. If Facebook disappeared tomorrow, would anyone be able to find you and your business? And if Instagram goes down (like it did in early 2019 for an entire day) do you know how you would reach your client base?

A few months ago a fellow photographer reached out asking me for SEO advice. I worked for 10-years as a web designer and UX Art Director, so this wasn’t the first time I’d gotten a message like this – not by a long shot. And though I always want to help, I realized pretty quickly that SEO techniques and best practices can’t be explained over email, a quick chat at a coffee shop or even FB Messenger. Heck, it can’t even be explained in under an hour – not well, at least.

I searched for great resources to send but never felt like anything was explicitly geared to creative professionals. I also found a wealth of resources that looked helpful to me, but when I sent them over, my friends said they could barely get through the first paragraph because the articles were so stuffed with technical terms and UX jargon.

And here’s the thing – as a creative business owner – our time is our most precious resource. You don’t have time to sift through vague SEO articles to try and decode the language and figure out what you need to do.

So what did I do? Well, like any good Type-A business owner, I decided to make my own resource.

What I thought would be one or two pages of my own SEO knowledge and experience turned into a 50+ page SEO guide written specifically for creative professionals.

You see, once I started writing – I could not stop. I didn’t want to just say things like “know your keywords!” and leave it there. I wanted to walk you through exactly how to determine what keywords you should be targeting and what to do with those keywords! I didn’t want to just say “keep blogging” but wanted to explain the specific mechanics about why blogging really does matter and what kind of blog content search engines find valuable (and therefore rank higher).

You can see how it spiraled to 50+ pages in a hurry!

And now I am ready to launch and sell my SEO passion project. This is a beautifully designed and thoroughly written workbook along with a bonus 20-minute video walking you through my exact photoshop export settings for web images. It is a wealth of information! In this workbook, I will walk you through a series of activities and tasks aimed at equipping you with the skills needed to improve your website ranking on search engines. Each section will begin with a lesson overview, followed by pencil and paper tasks for you to complete and finally, a series of action items you’ll need to do to maximize your SEO impact.

Fair warning – it is going to be a lot of work. Like I say in the workbook, SEO doesn’t have to cost you anything more than your time. So if you’re ready and willing to put in the time investment required to help people find your website, then you’re prepared to invest in this resource.



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