Now Offering: Drone Photography Beach Sessions on the Big Island

I’ll be honest – this idea started as a creative way to get my husband to join me on photo sessions. On a whim he bought a drone setup and when some friends were in town he took it out for a spin. From there, it has grown from a “hey, this could be cool” to a FAA tests, studying many many pages of rules and regulations, flights to Oahu for certification, and overall a looooot more work than either of us anticipated. But the first time we pulled those drone images, our jaws dropped and we knew this could be something really magical. And so much more than a good excuse for us to work together! Although, lets be honest, I’m not complaining one bit about that.

So how will this work?

  1. Right now we’re doing a soft launch and rollout. We want to keep working out the kinks to make sure our full launch goes smoothly. For that reason, we’ll only be doing a limited number of these each month.

  2. Full disclosure: Due to FAA regulations on airspace and rules regarding flying over people, the drone add-ons are limited to specific locations. NO highly visited locations and NO locations near Kona town (because of the airport). But don’t worry, we’ve got a few spots that are just perfect for drones.

  3. What do you get? 5 high resolution drone images plus two 15+ second HQ videos, perfect for social media sharing and making all your friends jealous!

 I am so excited about taking the Wilde Sparrow brand to … wait for it…. new heights. Yeah? Yeah? good, right??  

If you are interested in adding this unique and stunning perspective to your session gallery, please send me a message right away so we can get chatting!

Big Island Drone Photography

Big Island Drone Photography Family Beach Session.jpg

Drone Photography Waikoloa Hawaii

Big Island Drone Photography Honeymoon Beach Session


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