Moving Forward: Covid Photo Session Protocols


If I had a dollar for every time I’d heard “unprecedented times” this past year, I’d be a rich woman. Does anyone else feel the same?

But unprecedented is the best way to describe this reality. Covid has been devastating to the Hawaii economy. So many of my friends and fellow business owners have had to close their doors permanently. It has been heartbreaking. With the adjusted reentry rules that began on October 15, 2020, small businesses like mine have a chance to stay open.

To my beloved clients: I want to assure you that I have every intention of fulfilling my role at your session and am committed to remaining open for business. I have spent the past few weeks preparing new risk mitigation and avoidance protocols. My overall goal is to maintain a safe experience while providing exceptional care for everyone.

A few things that are changing in the short term:

  • Normally a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold session dates and times. However, currently only a $150 deposit is required to book sessions. These are still non-refundable but ARE transferable to a session date within two years of your original session date if you need to cancel your plans for COVID-related reasons.

  • Out of an abundance of caution, the client closet is temporarily unavailable. If you truly love a piece in the wardrobe, please let me know as I am open to selling some items. Most pieces available for sale are between $15-$30.

Let’s talk about how sessions will look:

  1. If you arrived with a negative test, got your negative antigen test at the airport, and were not required to complete the quarantine, then we are good to go! I will not be working with any clients who have not completed their state-mandated 10-day quarantine.

  2. Sessions will only occur outdoors in limited locations where I can assure plenty of space away from others. Particularly popular/busy beaches will not be available for sessions. Don’t worry. I know some great secret spots. If you have your heart set on one of the busier beaches (ex. Hapuna, Mauna Kea, A-Bay), then a sunrise session with one of my associate photographers will be your best option.

  3. I will not be shooting sunset sessions on weekends. Sunrise sessions on Fridays and Saturdays are still available for booking. Sunday sessions may be available with an associate photographer from my team.

  4. I will be wearing a face mask the entire time.

  5. You will not need to wear a mask in your photos (of course!), but I do ask that anyone in your group over the age of 5 wear one upon arrival at your session, and as we are leaving the beach location.

  6. I will not be hugging or otherwise touching clients during the session. I will be posing and directing you verbally with no physical contact to continue practicing safe social distancing. In the past, I would use physical touch to help guide you into poses. I’ll be doing that from a distance moving forward. We’ll swap handshakes and hugs for waves and shakas. You are welcome to hug, dance, embrace, and get close to anyone in your group during the session!

  7. I will be monitoring my health and will be rescheduling our session or transferring you to one of my associate photographers if I begin to feel sick. I also ask that you alert me if you or anyone in your group begins to feel ill.

This pandemic just so happens to have occurred during my pregnancy and life with a newborn. I now have a tiny little one to consider. Her immune system is new and fragile, and this single fact alone has colored many of the new protocols that will be in place for the foreseeable future. I cannot risk getting her sick and ask that if you do not feel you can take these protocols seriously, please let me know, and I will help you find a different photographer.

I know that we are all navigating various levels of acceptable risks. I hope we can all be understanding and respectful of one another as we make our way through this strange new world. Here’s to safely and mindfully moving forward!



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