A Lava Rock Beach Family Photography Session

We almost rescheduled this session because of the scary rain clouds looming over the coast. And I am so so glad we didn’t. Fun fact – I have only been rained out TWO times in almost four years of working on the Big Island. Can you believe it? Even though I get lots and lots of emails from clients worried about the weather, I reassure them that more likely than not, we’ll be okay. Maybe we’ll have to swap locations last minute but for the most part, the island weather moves fast so if it is raining, it will probably be gone in a minute. How great is that?

The tricky thing about Hawaii is that if you check the weather forecast, you’ll most likely see rain. And that’s because it will probably be raining somewhere on the island. Usually up in the mountains or places of higher elevation. In Waikoloa, we get about 15” of rain a year. A YEAR. So yeah, it’s pretty dang dry and warm here. Which is why I feel comfortable keeping sessions on schedule even if your weather app says rain. In my experience, it will all be okay about 98% of the time!

And scroll down for one of the most electric sunset skies I’ve seen in a long while. That’s what you get when shooting in rain clouds! Warm, crazy glowing light that turns the sky the most beautiful shades of orange you’ve ever seen!

Are you planning a family vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii? Let me capture your family visit to Hawaii with a stunning sunrise or sunset photo session on one of the beautiful beaches in on the island. I’d love to capture memories you’ll cherish forever!

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