Kekaha Kai Sunset, Babymoon Photography Session – Big Island, Hawaii

Who said a babymoon has to only be for the expecting couple?! These soon to be parents had some lovely companions on their Big Island babymoon – the soon to be grandparents! I love that they got the most important people in their loves together to share in this special visit to Hawaii. And you can already tell that with so many people willing to travel so far to enjoy each others’ company (and the lovely views!), baby will have a wonderful family to greet when they arrive!

Is there anything more stunning than a pregnant goddess wearing a flower crown, basking in the glow of a golden Hawaiian sunset? Rhetorical question; of course there’s not!

When a couple comes to Hawaii for their babymoon, it’s because they KNOW their life is about to change… and they are celebrating that for all it’s worth! It’s such a fleeting moment in time. It’s like the second before you blow your your birthday candles or say “I do” to your future. It’s a beautiful pause. Too often, I feel like society wants to criticize us for feeling things too strongly, for wanting to celebrate, or for being “over-indulgent” in our lives. Don’t make such a big deal out of things, you’re not special, blah, blah, blah. I call major BS on all of that. I say capture the moment, save it forever, put it in a beautiful frame and hang it up where everyone can see it. Celebrate all the big moments, and all of the pauses, too. It’s all part of your story and it’s all beautiful.














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