Hawaii Maternity Photographer – Sunset Babymoon Photos on the Beach

The beaches of Hawaii are truly one of a kind. If you’re looking for a dreamy spot for your Hawaii babymoon, look no further than the breathtaking shores of Hawaii. And I’m a touch bias, but the Big Island in particular is one of our favorite places to capture maternity photos. I’ve photographed a lot of sessions in Hawaii over the years as a Hawaii Maternity Photographer – and I’m telling you, the Big Island never ever disappoints as a backdrop. Get ready to fall head-over-heels in love with lava rock shorelines, stunning sunsets and gentle waves.

When to book your Hawaii maternity photographer

If you are planning a Hawaii babymoon, the best time to do so is before you melt into a couch for those last few weeks of pregnancy! Before the back pain and breathing pain. When you’re still comfortable, glowing, and feeling like the gorgeous mama you are! And also while it is still medically safe to travel. To get specific – weeks 24-30 are best (make sure it’s okay with your doctor to travel first).

Why should you book Hawaii babymoon photos?

As someone who didn’t have a chance to have her pregnancy captured (thanks for nothing, Covid), I was devastated to not get the chance to capture myself pregnant by a professional photographer. Covid ruined a lot of plans for us. I’m sure it did for you, too. In the end I was able to get a few photos thanks to my husband. Yes, he took this shot!

The real reason your babymoon is worth documenting? Because you are doing an amazing thing. Your body, though it may feel tired and radically different, is busy creating life and that is worth celebrating and documenting.

Ready, mama? Book your Hawaii babymoon photo session today.


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