Hawaii Family Photo Session with Toddlers – Kona, Big Island

A family photo session with toddlers can present some unique challenges. As sweet and wonderful as they are, toddlers are also impossibly hard to predict. We have a few simple tips and tricks. You can ensure a successful and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Tip 1: Family photo session with toddlers

Firstly, set them up for success by ensuring they are well-rested and fed, as this will increase their cooperation and attention span. Bring some of their favorite toys or snacks to keep them engaged and happy during the session. Incorporating their favorite things into the session can help create a relaxed and comfortable environment for the toddler, resulting in more natural and genuine expressions.

Tip 2: Go with the Flow

Secondly, be patient and flexible. I’m looking at you, stressed-out grown-ups! Toddlers have short attention spans and can easily become distracted or fussy. Instead of trying to force them into specific poses or expressions, allow them to explore and play within the session. Candid shots often capture the essence of a child’s personality and can result in truly memorable photographs. Be prepared to take breaks and allow the toddler to lead the way. This will help them feel involved and empowered, making the experience more enjoyable.

It’s easy to lose your cool when you feel your kid isn’t behaving. SPOILER: your kids aren’t going to behave. Maybe for the entire session, maybe just for a few moments, but they will absolutely do things you wish they didn’t do. The trick for parents is to keep your cool. Keep your energy calm. Perfect your poker face. The most stressful family sessions are the ones where unrealistic expectations are placed on the youngest in your group. Instead, embrace that there will be chaos. And that we’ll be there to capture it in the most joyful and LEAST judgemental way.

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