Hawaii Family Beach Photos with newborn

Once upon a time, I used to photograph in-home newborn photos. The appeal of getting to work with those fresh little babies was so strong, that I dove headfirst into that genre of photography! It took exactly one challenging session for me to realize that studio newborn photography is so much harder than it looks. Plus, I am just so much more comfortable on the beach. And so are babies! These Hawaii Family Beach Photos with this newborn bub are some of my favorites of this year! He was the sweetest baby, doted on by his parents, proud grandparents, and uncle.

The best age for baby family photos

To be very honest, photographing babies before they can sit up is challenging because you are limited in the poses you can do with the baby. Once a baby is sitting, we can be a lot more creative with poses and group setups. For this reason, I prefer to photograph babies that are over 6 months old. But as you can see from this gallery, that doesn’t mean Hawaii family photos can’t be done with a newborn! It just means we have to get creative AND plan for feeding breaks and diaper changes as needed. Not a problem for us as long as you and your family are 100% prepared to go with the flow.

Newborn Hawaii Family Beach Photos

If you are hoping to do an outdoor beach photo session with your newborn there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Book a longer session than you think you need. It isn’t fun to feel the pressure of a time crunch. Even if we don’t use the entire session for photos, having that buffer for breaks will go a long long way.
  2. Bring extra clothes. At least two complete backup outfits!
  3. Bring milk for the baby and feel totally comfortable nursing if that is what you are doing! We brought a bottle of pumped milk to my daughter’s first photo session and fed her even off schedule in order to get a nice, sleepy baby for photos.

How to book Hawaii Family Beach Photos

Interested in booking Hawaii family beach photos for your upcoming family vacation? From newborn to grandparent, we would be so honored to work with you all to capture your family visit to Hawaii.

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