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I want to tell you that becoming a mom changed the way I work with kids, but the truth is – I’ve always loved kids. And I don’t just adore kids. I’m genuinely interested and delighted by kids. I want to talk to little kids and show interest in them the way I wish grown-ups had done for me when I was a kid. I remember being a high-energy kid who wanted so badly to be listened to and talk with the adults around me. But I was always treated as a kid who didn’t know what they were talking about. You could say I had lots of FOMO from a very young age! But now, with my company focusing on our work as family photographers in Hawaii, I get the chance to talk and connect with kids in a meaningful way every week.

Don’t be surprised if I kneel down and start talking with your little ones right away. It’s important for the flow of our session that kids feel seen and comfortable with me, and part of that starts with me getting down on their level to say hi and introduce myself.

Tips on What to Wear

I love that this family coordinated their outfits so perfectly. It’s easiest to pick one base color (in this example, blue) and have everyone pick outfits based around that color. It gets a bit more complicated than that, but that is a great start. Here are a few other quick tips:

  • Solid colors always photograph well. There’s no risk of distracting from faces, joyful interactions or even the beautiful Hawaii scenery.

  • Ladies: look for soft, natural fabrics that drape and flow. These make for beautiful portraits and give a sense of motion.

  • Choose colors to pick up the beautiful colors of the ocean and sunset. Neutrals such as soft pinks, cream, muted blues, soft greens and white all photograph extremely, blending effortlessly with the natural elements rather than competing with them.

  • When in doubt, select one patterned outfit for a single person in the family and then pull colors from that pattern to dress everyone else in solid colors to coordinate.

I have a ton more great tips in this featured blog post:

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