Creative Business Mentorships – For Photographers & Creative Professionals

Nearly 12 years ago when I started building my creative business as a scared Hawaii girl living in New York City, there were so few resources out there for me and I truly didn’t know where to start. So I hustled. Hard.

Nowadays it feels like there is such a flood of workshops, learning guides and resources that it feels impossible to know where to invest your hard-earned marketing dollars. I know I was personally paralyzed by making the wrong investment that I avoided doing so for many years. And even then I made bad investments. Resources that promised the moon were actually not useful and workshops where I hoped to learn concrete skills instead felt like they were teaching hopes, dreams and “emotion”. I was on my own.

It took over 10 years but I turned those dreams into a thriving, successful business that is able to support my family and a life in Hawaii. And I want to share what I have learned with you!

Which is why this year I am excited to be offering Creative Business Mentorships, not only leveraging the 10 years of photography and business experience I’ve gained but my expertise in web design and SEO for creative business owners.”

These are not limited to photographers though that will be my primary focus. Depending on what you want to learn, these mentor sessions can help any creative professional ready to grow their business. It’s so humbling to have other photographers ask questions and it is such an honor to be looked to for advice.


Topics can include

  • Organic “Un” posing

  • Editing software + workflow

  • Session planning & flow

  • Website SEO 101

  • Website review + critique

  • Running a legal business

  • Building an effective website

  • Contracts & payments

  • Pricing for profit

  • Blogging for SEO



Limited Availability

In order to focus on your success and growth, I will only be taking on two mentees per month. I truly want you to learn and grow. I was in your shoes once, just starting out with a head full of questions, and I so wish I had advice from an experienced photographer to guide me. Now I want to take what I have learned and help others grow their businesses. I have a heart for teaching and love seeing others succeed. If your heart is ready for learning or even if you are simply curious to know more, get in touch and I am happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

Ready to take your business to the next level?



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