What’s Inside: Your Exclusive Client Guides

Once you book a session with Wilde Sparrow Photography, you’ll get keys to our secret vault of goodies – your exclusive Photo Session Client Guides. We want you to feel taken care of from start to finish. We want to enhance not only your session experience but your time here in Hawaii. Why? Because our team truly loves these islands and a cornerstone of our business is to share that love with you.

We not only answer all your questions before you even think of them (what to wear, location details, and e-x-a-c-t-l-y what to expect during our session), we also share the curated island visitor guide of our favorite beaches/restaurants/activities so you can live like a local.


Here’s a peek at what’s inside your Photo Session Client Guides:

#1 – Online custom styling tool

This takes the stress out of choosing a wardrobe! Use this tool to pick a vibe (casual & charming, romantic & modern, etc…) then a color scheme. After which, you’ll be given clothing options along with links to shop for anything that catches your eye. You’ll be able to easily visualize all of the looks together to see how they coordinate. And finally, you can send me what you’ve put together directly.

#2 Location Guide

We don’t expect you to be experts on the best places to have a photo session in Hawaii. That’s why you’ve chosen us – because we’re the pros and we’ve done this a few hundred times! This guide includes details on our signature only-locals-know portrait locations to help you choose where to have your session. Whatever backdrop you envision for your perfect photoshoot, this guide takes the stress out of choosing. It includes images, map links, special instructions, and even dinner recommendations nearby for every location.

#3 Island Visitor Guide

These beautiful islands are so much more than swaying palm trees and soft ocean breezes. There is a rich culture, kind spirit, and fierce pride to be discovered while you explore Hawaii. And ether you prefer to stay beachside your entire trip or are looking for bigger adventures, our guide has you covered. Enjoy our personal recommended restaurants, adventures, and beaches for Big Island and Maui to help you vacation like a pro. This isn’t an official guidebook or even every single thing there is to see and do. Simply a few island favorites from some Hawaii locals.

#4 Your Guide to a Great Session

As a type-A planner, this one is my personal favorite. This guide gives you the rundown of what to expect before, during, and after your photo session. We leave nothing out! From what to bring (and not bring) to your session, how our typical sessions flow including examples of what you can expect to “do” during your session, to when you can expect to see your gallery – we’ve answered every question you might have to help put your mind at ease before we even meet.

As a child, I was taught that the spirit of ‘Aloha’ is the spirit of caring; for others, for your home, for your community. When you work with our team, you will feel taken care of, and these Photo Session Client Guides are just one part of how we share the Aloha Spirit with our beloved clients.

We cannot wait to meet you!



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