Big Island Family Photographer – Waikoloa Sunset Beach Session

Sometimes clients are nervous about mini sessions and if they’ll be enough time to “get some good photos”. I’ve got some proof that it is MORE than possible to achieve a ton during a mini session. Just takes a little preparation and then just WAIT until you see the magic of this quick little mini on the beach!

The trick to a successful mini session comes down to the adults. Parents, are you willing to run around a beach with your babies and love on them for 30 non stop minutes? Love on them only. No yelling, no scolding, no directing from the behind the camera. Just love and a true go with the flow attitude. Baby doesn’t want to sit still and smile? Cool with me! Let’s chase after them! Your oldest wants to build a sand castle? Right on! Dad – get down there and build one with him. One of the kids got his clothes wet and sandy? Well, we’re at the beach – that was bound to happen guys.

I guess the trick isn’t a trick at all – just a gentle reminder to love on your babies every chance you get. You’re in Hawaii! You survived the long plane ride! You have NO WHERE TO BE but here! On a beach! You don’t need to be reminded my be of how very lucky and blessed you are.

Maybe you’re nervous about getting the “perfect family picture” and I get that. This is an investment and I am a stranger. I feel you. But I also know from years of experience that if we spend 30 minutes forcing your kids to look a certain way, smile a certain way, BE a certain way – well I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that they will be soooooo over this picture taking thing before you even realize it.

So we have 30 minutes to create magic together and we can SO do it! This family gave me 30 solid minutes of love and joy. It never stopped! Even with a baby that we had to wake up from a nap for the session (☠️) every single second was perfect. 



















Looking for a Big Island family photographer while in Hawaii for vacation? I would love to work with you! Shoot me a message and let’s chat!


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