Big Island Drone Session – Maternity Photography, Hawaii

This secret lava rock beach is one of my favorites for couples. It is quite, hidden away from busy beaches and curious onlookers and it looks different almost every night. The tide changes what we see and the sun and clouds are different every night too. I never know what I’m gonna get.

But getting pictures here isn’t easy. Those gorgeous lava rocks? They are TOUGH to walk on. I usually have clients wear their shoes to walk around on them and then remove them for photos. It works, but isn’t ideal because I love to photograph transitions – the moments where you’re walking together between lava rocks and tide pools and exploring together.

But these two? They spoiled the crap out of me! They are farmers and have “tough feet” as they said. I had heard before that clients wouldn’t mind the lava only for them to take that first step and run right back to get their shoes. But not these two. They were READY! They didn’t even flinch as they walked over the pahoehoe and a`a rocks. It was amazing and allowed me to really let their session flow and capture all the “in-betweens” my heart could handle!

OH and did I mention gorgeous Leah was quite pregnant? No big deal, she’s just a super woman. (Don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself!). These lovely parents to be were such a joy to photograph! Walk on the sharp lava rocks? Sure! Hope in the water? Sure! Ignore that buzzing drone around you while we get some wild shots? Absolutely! They’re up for anything and I’m certain they will be beyond excited for baby to come!

So if you love this location – fair warning – be ready for an adventure and plan a deluxe pedicure for the day after (and maybe a foot massage, too!). But it will be so so worth it. If you’re willing to show up then I will too (I’m always barefoot on the lava) and I can’t wait to make beautiful things with you in this very special place on the Big Island.




















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