2018 Shoot & Share Contest Results – Award Winning Big Island Hawaii Photographer

For as long as I’ve been a photographer, I have never ever submitted my work into any contests. Primarily out of a mix of fear and honestly, the popularity contest of it all has never appealed to me. But in 2017 I had an incredible year of personal and creative growth and then I stumbled onto the Shoot & Share contest and was instantly intrigued. I told my husband I had heard about this contest but wasn’t sure if I would have time to enter. To his credit, he insisted every single day, practically every hour, until I finally gave in and sat down to submit. 

It didn’t take me long to find my 50 images. I honestly could have submitted 50 more. It was the first time I had looked back at my work from the year and it was empowering and eye-opening. If this contest gave me anything, it was that little extra boost of confidence I didn’t even know I needed.

And after weeks of voting, hoping and praying I’d see one of my images and being intimidated by the insane quality of the images, the results came in….

HOLY SH$T whaaaaa?! (<- my exact first reaction)

I’m honored. I’m humbled. I’m in shock. I know I have so much farther to go and grow. I’m just getting started.

Thank you to my incredible, beautiful, REAL real real clients who showed me their lives and let me capture them just as they are.





















And here’s a bit about the contest from the Shoot & Share Website:

“The Shoot & Share Photo Contest is the world’s only free & fair photo contest. Enter up to 50 photos in 25 categories. Anyone can enter photos, and it’s totally free! View the photos randomly and vote for your favorites. No one knows who took the photos, but everyone votes for the winners. The photos with the most votes win!

The photographer’s name is never displayed during voting so each photo is judged on its own merit. Every photo is given equal opportunity to be voted on. It is displayed the same number of times to the voters as any other, so every photo is in the running.

The Shoot & Share Photo Contest is unique because it’s all about the photos. It’s not about one photographers’s popularity vs. another’s or the ability to rally social media for votes. It’s not about your financial ability to pay for more entries to flood the photo pool.”


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