A Bakersfield Country Club Wedding Full of Love – Danielle & Carlos

If you are going to shoot a wedding in 110º degree Bakersfield heat, THIS is the crew you want to do it with. Danielle and Carlos, their families and incredible wedding party were the most fun, most joyful, most full of life and most emotional I have ever been around on a wedding day!! The tears!?@ They never stopped! Tears of joy and happiness of course. It was an amazing day that I feel so lucky to have been a small part of it.

As I begin working through the photos from their wedding day I am struck at how many times I see one thing in particular. Over and over, in the quiet moments and the loud, joyful ones – at church or in the middle of a country club golf course – over and over I see Carlos, looking over at his new wife and smiling. Sneaking little glances at her throughout the day. From the moment the doors of their church opened and Danielle stepped up to the aisle, his eyes were fixed on his bride and his face never stopped radiating happiness from that moment. 

I have a feeling that from this day and 10, 20 and even 50 years down the road, Carlos will still be stealing glances at his beautiful bride and making her laugh like no one else can.  

Country Club Wedding Photographer

Bakersfield Country Club Wedding


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