A Beautiful Bakersfield Wedding – Alejandra + Armando

Armando has a way of looking at his now wife that just might make you stop to catch your breath. It’s beautiful and it’s subtle. A look full of love and assurance. A look that says “I love you. I chose you. Let’s do this.” There is such a dynamic love between these two – it’s hard not to stare. And their wedding. Oh man, their wedding. One of the most joyous parties I have ever had the witness of photographing!

The magic of wedding days will never stop amazing me. SO much love. So much joy and happiness and smiles and tears of joy and soft kisses, and a photographer standing amidst the chaos of the day with a camera smiling and waiting to capture all the moments and all of the memories. These are my most favorite days. Days where I remember why I love this job so so so much.

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