A Day in the Life: A mom, her boy and their pup

Every now and then you get a chance to do work that inspires you, changes you and electrifies you. I got that chance last month. I’m honestly still reeling from it. Still happy, still riding the high. 

Thank you to Brooke and sweet, handsome little X for letting me into your home. For letting me take out my camera and capture life in all its unposed, honest, raw realness. Thank you to their sweet pup Piper for trusting me with your humans and letting me give you lots of belly rubs. 

For more than 24 hours, I got to be a part of this family. For dinner and bath times, bedtime stories, sweet good morning snuggles, cupcake lunches and tantrums. And all of it was perfect. Perfect. 

If you are interested in letting me into your home to capture a day in your life – I promise you I would love to be there. It would, in fact, be my honor. I understand how vulnerable it feels to let someone into your home and capture your organic, unposed world and I don’t take that lightly. Contact me to get started. 



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