Six foolproof prompts for family photographers

Even those of us who have been photographing families for years and years freeze up at a session from time to time (hi, it’s me). That’s bound to happen when you experience the unexpected. And if family photo sessions are anything, they are full of the unexpected. Like the time one of my clients’ kids saw the ocean and before we knew what was happening, stripped naked and ran right in? That was fun…

I have photographed well over 500 families in my career. I have seen almost anything you can think of. Every curveball has been thrown my way. And in those moments when something wild happens and my brain takes a swift turn into panic, there are a few tried and true prompts in my figurative “bag of tricks” I reach to in those moments to get me out of the funk.

I wish I had known how valuable having go-to prompts like this would be when I first niched down into working with families.

The beauty of these is that they work for almost any age. Yes, they even get parents smiling. They also factor in the hard truth many tend to forget when working with families. Kids are KIDS. They want to have fun without feeling the pressure to smile or stop wiggling. These prompts are all about allowing movement and joy. Those of us that have been doing this for a while know that that’s where the magic really happens.

Ready to add these to your bag of tricks? (Or, heck, even use these to start building your bag of tricks!) Head on over now and download all the goodies!

I want to challenge and encourage you to use at least one of these at your next session. And then shoot me an email, slide into my inbox and let me know how it went! I truly, genuinely would love to hear how these work for you.

Happy shooting!




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